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Oh Henry! Hungerfest

OCADU Final Masters

Shortlist 2019

When asked to revive the classic 'Oh Hungry? Oh Henry!' tagline for 2019, we looked at hunger and what the average millennial is craving. We came to conclusion that hunger goes far beyond food. This campaign poses the question of, 'What Are You Hungry For?' and takes Oh Henry! from the bar with more, to a brand that promotes a lifestyle of more. 

Made in collaboration with Kevin Valladares Doño, Lana Beiruti and Theo Peirson


In order for Oh Henry! to truly own this 'more' lifestyle, we decided that our target needed to feel it in order to believe it. To do so, we introduced Hungerfest, a culture festival featuring a range of experiences and activities all curated for the likes of our target market. We’re talking everything from indoor skydiving and extreme sports, to financial literacy and photography tips. It is a weekend made to satisfy any kind of hunger.

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Once the event is over, Hungerfest continues online. Online we will use the platform to create a digital space furthering the idea and conversations started at Hungerfest. We’re building a community, not just an event. 

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